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Experience the spirit of Manitou. Manitou Beach is a popular tourist destination in Saskatchewan. “Manitou” is Cree for “Great Spirit”. Perhaps this Spirit of Manitou is easiest explained as the gift you need to experience for yourself. The amazing saltwater of Little Manitou Lake is definitely the source of this magic. The lake is spring and groundwater-fed and evaporation over centuries has created water that has amazingly high mineral content. It is one of only three bodies of water in the world with such properties, the other two being the Dead Sea in Israel and Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

The village resort features mineral spa, a dance hall with a horse hair dance floor, a nine-hole golf course, and a regional park and campground. The waters at the beach are known for their high salinity and resulting buoyancy. Because the lake water has a specific gravity 10 per cent higher than regular water, persons who enter the lake naturally float on top. Simply lay back and float and discover the feeling for yourself!

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Being drawn to Manitou Beach and its essence of a slow pace, friendly, hometown community orientated, and relaxed lifestyle, Manitou Beach, with a full-time year round resident population of 314 is a charming resort village in the Canadian prairie province of Saskatchewan. It is on the shores of Little Lake Manitou, 6 km north of Watrous, and approximately 100 km east of Saskatoon.

Plan your stay and explore today!

Manitou Beach 
Tourism Watrous – Manitou Beach 

Little Manitou Art Gallery 

Manitou Waters

Manitou Springs Resort Hotel & Mineral Spa 
Manitou Beach Golf Club 
The Drive-In At Manitou Beach (formerly: Jubilee Drive Inn) 

Pepper Tree Family Restaurant & Lounge 

TB's Bar and Grill 

John’s Plate Family Dining

Manitou & District Regional Park 





Owned by Willy and Carma Staples since 2013, this is a family operated business that thrives in the heart of Manitou Beach. Personable, and ready to greet you as you arrive. Always ready for any request you may have, their aim is to ensure each stay with them is a memorable, and enjoyable experience.


With unique and quaint décor, sometimes designed to bring back memories or give you a chuckle, each suite is unique unto itself and set up to fit your needs. They ask for feedback at the end of your stay, and either small or large, they very often act on it.


Their motto, "Come as guests, leave as friends", says it all. 

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